Want to become an expert and to get a job in artificial intelligence? This master programme is for you


If there’s one thing the world needs, it’s more AI experts. In the near future, a lot of jobs will depend on the work and knowledge of people who are versed in the different fields that relate to artificial intelligence.

Are you looking for a training course which combines a top-quality education programme with on-the-job AI project management? This master is for you.

As a student, you will therefore benefit from AI training courses provided by experts in their field and get an internationally recognised degree aligned with the Bologna ECTS Directives.

This programme is a joint project of Idiap Research Institute, Swiss Distance Learning University and Canton of Valais. It is also supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs.


Key features of the course in artificial intelligence

The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence is unique as it offers:

  • Curriculum: 40% on-the-job experience, 60% academic training
  • Learning system: 90% online learning, 10% traditional class attendance
  • Multidisciplinary, expert-based approach
  • Taught by the best experts and researchers in artificial intelligence
  • Higher education programme with an internationally recognized diploma (ECTS)
  • A minimum salary of CHF 36'000.- per year


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Programme of the applied AI engineering master

The overall goal of the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence is to provide you with a full understanding of the concepts and technologies in this field.

The whole programme lasts 3 terms (18 months). It comprises 14 modules divided into 10 major and 4 minor subjects. The first 2 terms are dedicated to the majors. Additionally, you work within the company all along your studies and implement the AI company strategy through a project development.

This Master consists of 90 ECTS credits allocated as follows: 36 ECS for your majors (10 modules), 14 ECTS for your minors (4 modules) and 40 ECTS for your on-the-job experience and project development.


On-the-job professional activity

P01 AI Company Strategy and Project Definition

P02 AI Project Development


Major modules

M01 Practical Course in Linear algebra and Probabilities

M02 Data Structure and Algorithms for AI

M03 Signal Processing

M04 Foundations in Statistics for AI

M05 Open Science and Ethics

M06 Fundamentals in Machine Learning 1

M07 Introduction to Image Processing and Computer Vision

M08 Fundamentals in Machine Learning 2

M09 Introduction to Speech Processing

M10 Deep Learning


Minor modules

A01 Biometrics

A02 Multimodal Computational Sensing of People

A03 Natural Language Processing

A04 Robotics


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Admission requirements

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or equivalent degree
  • Be employed by a company willing to and with the potential to integrate artificial intelligence in its development strategy


Strongly recommended

  • Oral and written proficiency in English (the programme is taught in English)
  • Knowledge in programming languages (C++, Python, etc.) and mathematics


Requirements for your company

40% of your training is dedicated to the implementation of the AI company strategy through the development of an AI project. You will define the company vision and strategy in AI, as well as the project during the first term (6 months) of your studies and develop the latter during the second and third terms (12 months). Once you have filled the online registration, a meeting will be organised with your company in order to determine its development potential in artificial intelligence. It will then become an official programme partner.

Candidates interested in, but not employed by a company involved in the programme, can get in touch with the Idiap Research Institute in order to find an open position.


How much does the programme cost?

The costs per term (3 terms in total) are:

  • CHF 2’000 training and tuition fees
  • CHF 6’000 project management fees (covering project-tailored support and guidance by Idiap experts)

You will receive the training and tuition fee invoice and organise payment according to the agreement you have with your company. Your company will receive the project management invoice.


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