The win-win solution for companies and students and a cutting-edge, visionary programme combining flexible higher degree training courses and on-the-job experience.



Inspired by the renowned Swiss apprenticeship system, this unique Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence is a game changer. It gives companies the opportunity to integrate AI in their strategy and to acquire the skills they need. At the same time, it provides students with theoretical knowledge, professional skills, a salary and maximum flexibility to fit in with their personal life. It also provides the economy with unique development skills in AI and a workforce ready to be on the professional market. It is a win-win program.


Why a master in artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the computer science and engineering area.  It is everywhere, from smartphones integrating face recognition to self-driving cars. According to Motley Fool, the reference media for technology investors, AI alone will generate a five billion dollars market by 2020. AI therefore offers the ability to transcend the current capacity to propel economic growth, thus revealing unprecedented opportunities for value creation.


What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings together computer science, engineering and mathematics in order to develop so-called intelligent programmes or machines. Intelligent systems can perceive, learn, adapt, and be autonomous. Thanks to technologies such as machine learning or deep learning, a robot’s camera equipped with intelligent programmes can  localise or identify objects as well as analyse sounds for speech recognition. The capacity to process large amounts of data in order to recognise patterns is key. One of artificial intelligence's biggest challenges is to combine data in order to develop advanced applications such as self-driving cars or fully autonomous artificial intelligence. Machine learning & perception, facial, object and gesture recognition as well as robotics or natural language processing are a core part of AI research.


A visionary programme to help companies develop their artificial intelligence potential

Today, new applications and perspectives emerge at lighting speed. An increasing number of industries and domains are waiting to be disrupted and enhanced by machine learning and deep learning. However, many companies lack skills and knowledge to develop their artificial intelligence potential.

The master of science in artificial intelligence builds on professional experience. Oriented towards skills acquisition, it combines state-of-the-art theoretical training and a professional experience. This programme therefore takes into account company needs, students’ expectations and the present and future requirements of the labour market.


Artificial intelligence development and integration

In order to offer businesses the opportunity to develop their activities within the artificial intelligence field, three partners have put together a visionary programme with two aims: provide companies with expert guidance in their AI development and integration, and, at the same time, train their internal experts. A whole team of leading researchers in all areas of artificial intelligence and technology transfer help managing activities every step of the way, from the project’s definition to its completion. At the same time, your employee – student in the programme – will spend half of her/his time acquiring the skills you need thanks to a flexible, distance learning master programme.  

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A unique artificial intelligence training programme

Project development in the artificial intelligence area requires highly specialised skills. This programme teaches state-of-the-art modules in areas such as machine learning, deep learning, language processing or robotics. 60% of the programme is dedicated to learning and 40% to developing an AI company strategy and an AI project within a company. The learning part of the programme is flexible as most courses take place online. A very small traditional class attendance is required. This structure allows participants to combine courses with artificial intelligence development activities within a company.

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